Recorded version now available: Third Group Chat for OT FB Entreupreneur Group- Marketing!!

If you missed the live group chat, you can still purchase the recorded version!

September is a great time to start a new integrated marketing campaign, so I wanted to make sure we scheduled this chat in August. The current healthcare marketplace, increased competition for health care dollars , and our fundamental shift from a health care referral  to a consumer choice system makes effective marketing more important than ever.

There is a great deal of information to share (I taught Marketing in the PT program at Columbia University for 12 years) so we will have to prioritize in part based on questions you submit in advance.
I would like to cover how to tailor your marketing  efforts to fit your many targeted markets – new patients/ new referral sources, existing patients/existing referral sources. Marketing efforts directed to patient or directed to family of patient.  How to use branding, taglines to define or refresh your message, data to “sell and tell”,  how to formulate marketing strategies that effectively utilize both elements of publicity and advertising while remaining HIPAA compliant, Use of internal versus interactive versus external marketing – Inbound  marketing  for a consumer  choice medical system, building trust and hope through content -showcasing positive outcomes and credibility  How to achieve a call  to action amidst threats of service substitution, strategies to get publicity including press releases -techniques to differentiate your practice in the marketplace and the use of cause related marketing!

Therapists can submit questions prior to the chat and everyone will receive a link to the recording of the group chat. If you cannot attend live, once you register, you will also automatically get the link to the recorded chat. We will limit the group size to 20 to allow for more interaction.

Members of the OT Entrepreneurs Facebook Group Chat #3 - Marketing
Members of the OT Entrepreneurs Facebook Group Chat #3 - Marketing
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