Legal Issues Facing Therapists in Private Practice Today – Updated for 2017


This 21 page worksheet covers many topics facing therapists today. This does not replace consultations with an attorney. It is meant to provide basic information so that you can become informed about issues and options and be an active participant when consulting with professionals. Questions addressed:
1. How do you determine the proper legal structure for your practice or therapy business entity?
2. What is a Joinder Agreement?
3. What are the liability concerns when offering services outside the traditional realm of the state practice acts ie. yoga, pilates, as part of a l therapy program/ treating in direct access states?
4. What are the ramifications of classifying someone as an employee versus an independent contractors both if you hire yourself out and if you hire individuals to work for your practice?
5. Please explain the common clauses that appear is many employment and IC contracts : non compete, non solicitation, non disclosure and their ramifications.
6. Please provide a synopsis of the Stark Laws, particularly how they impact private practice.
7. What are the most important aspects of my insurance policies that I should be aware of from a liability point of view?
8. What should I know as a therapist about trademarks, and intellectual property to best protect my interests and how to I know if I need a patent,trademark or copyright protection
9. Please discuss the pros and cons of a going into practice with another therapist from a legal perspective.?
10. What is an S Corporation and the ramifications of electing Subchapter S status?
11. What regulations you need to know about in regard to using an outside marketer and FCC regulations?
12.  What are some concerns to keep in mind when thinking about the sale of a practice?

Legal Issues Facing Therapists Today
Legal Issues Facing Therapists Today
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