Independent Contractor Vs. Employee Status What EVERYONE Needs to Know and Understand- Live Webinar May 9 2018 7:00-9:30 PM EST!

Whether you are a practice owner who hires therapists, a therapist who is hired by a private practice, a home care agency, or hospital, or a therapist who holds themselves out to the public as an independent contractor, understanding what  these classifications really mean  is vital and has important ramifications for both parties.  It is time to take this issue out of the gray matter and separate fact from fiction. UBER has brought the matter of worker classification to the forefront in the last year but therapists have been dealing with this issue for 20 years!!
This issue will be presented in detail from all perspectives as far as therapists are concerned, and from the vantage point of the Internal Revenue Service and the Labor Department, regardless of what state you live in. The onus, and all potential risk is on practice owners to properly classify the therapists and all personnel correctly – so lets get this right! Samples of actual audits on therapy practices will be reviewed. The webinar will be presented on GoToMeetings and can be accessed from your computer, tablet or cell phone.

Learning Objectives:

1) Understand the specific criteria used to determine whether a therapist should be deemed an employee or an independent contractor

2) Understand the rule of “Substance over Form “ application – why the substance of what a therapist does is far more important than the contract they sign!

3) Find out the specifics of what you can do to protect yourself if:
a. you want to classify a therapist as an IC
b. you want to classify some therapists as employees and some as ICs

4) Find out how to “clean” up your worker classifications before an audit

5) Find out what to do if you think you are being misclassified

6) Ten steps to follow if you want to hold yourself out as an Independent Contractor
All participants will receive a template for an IC agreement.

Upon request, you can  receive a certificate of participation if you take the post webinar quiz.  The price includes a link to the recording available 24/7/365 plus a hard copy of the powerpoint and a one page handout.

** This webinar,  presented by Iris Kimberg, MS PT OTR.  is intended for educational and informational purposes services only and does not replace consultations with an attorney. (Iris survived and won a 12 year battle with the NYS Labor Department on this very issue!)  Iris has presented this webinar over 8 times to over 600 therapists from 37 states and has also presented this topic for the PPS of the APTA.
Early rate registration until April 9.

 Independent Contractor Vs. Employee Status What EVERYONE Needs to Know and Understand!
Independent Contractor Vs. Employee Status What EVERYONE Needs to Know and Understand!
Price: $95.00

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