Carole Flynn, M.Ed/Special Needs – Solutions For Communication, Learning and Social Success Now working with children and their families throughout NYC

For over 25 years, Carole has worked successfully with a diverse group of children and young adults who are non-verbal and have complex language and learning challenges. They typically are on the Autism Spectrum, have Non-Verbal/Limited Language Skills, Developmentally Delayed, ADHD, Auditory/Language Processing Challenges, Down Syndrome, Selective Mutism, Deaf/Hearing Challenges, Blind/Deaf-Blindness or Executive Functioning issues.

Carole is now focusing on working at home with families throughout NYC on communication and educational needs and would welcome the opportunity to collaborate and share in the care of your clients. Carole is working on her 2023 schedule, so feel free to reach out to discuss your needs in confidence directly to Carole here at  Carole’s goal is always to make a difference. Here are some of the programs she offers:

Individualized Services for Children and their Families
1:1 Communication and Educational Sessions – A customized whole child approach with motivating and innovative multi-sensory strategies, techniques and materials. The focus is on a child’s interests, strengths, challenges and developmental level. Sessions, typically 60 minutes, are done in the privacy of a child’s home and scheduled at optimal times.  Available in person throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, with video options also available.

Household Survival for Everyday Life – One on One for Those Who Are Non-verbal or Have Limited language and communication skills – This program is for children child/young adult who are:

  • non-verbal
  • presents with limited language and communication skills.
  • often struggles just to get through the day.

This 1:1 service includes a complete in-home assessment with customized strategies, actionable ideas and tools specifically designed to help decrease frustration and make life more manageable at home, school and community.

Household and Homework Survival – One on One for Those Who are Verbal and High Functioning.

This is for families who want to avoid the “Now What!” moment at home and stop the meltdowns before they start! Emphasis is on time management skills and pinpointing issues that may be preventing your child from doing their homework independently. Goals are to:

  • Get up, ready and out the door without a meltdown
  • Start and finish homework and have time for some fun
  • Retain information and hand in assignments on time
  • Stress free transitioning from different situations and activities
  • Learn how to organize daily life; activities, chores and appointments.

Social Groups / Supervised “Play Dates”- Building social success, self-confidence and interacting with  others in a fun setting.   Carole is available to act as a facilitator in a client’s home for supervised small group activity and interaction. She has been successfully organizing these small groups with children and their peers, family members including sibling and grandparents as well as caregivers.  Carole can facilitate success by helping organize an intimate group of 2-3 children who are able to practice together in a smaller world. In creating small successful interactions, each child is able to increase self-esteem and learn the skills and behaviors necessary to carry over into school, family and other settings.

Carole is looking forward to collaborating and working with OTs, PTs, SLPs, Educators, and other therapists who may have clients who could benefit from her expertise. Please feel free to reach out in confidence directly to Carole to make a referral or get together for potential future collaborations.

Looking to host a Professional Development Workshop? 
Carole is also booking dates in 2023 for customized professional development workshops for public, private and charter schools.
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