Check out This Great Platform to Streamline Your NYC DOE Service Provision

eWebStaffing School’s module is a  Web/Mobile based computer system designed to help Staffing Agencies and Providers manage NYC DOE Student Services
Make managing your NYC DOE related Services
a Seamless Success!

eWebStaffing is HIPAA compliant and can support/ streamline and decrease back office operating costs for the following services:

1. Therapy (PT. OT, ST and etc)
2. Special Education
3. Nursing
4. Paraprofessional

Here are some of the functionality included in the eWebStaffing System:

Securely “Import” your Agency’s Assigned Mandates/Students directly from SESIS extract file

Fully enforce Mandated Session’s Frequency, Duration and Group Size

Prevent Therapy Sessions from “Overlapping”

Allow Providers to enter their own Completed Session’s information into eWebStaffing via Providers’ Portal

Allow Providers to”Digitally Sign” all of the required forms

Allow Providers to post  “In-Person” and “Tele-Therapy” Sessions

Generate/Send/Recieve/Save Parents Approval Emails for Tele-Therapy Sessions

Create Providers Invoices

Import SESIS Session Notes via CognosReports

Generate QuickBooks formatted Payroll Upload files

Generate DOE Billing Portal Upload Files directly from eWebStaffing



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