Find an – NO Better Way to Celebrate OT Month than by Signing Up

There is no better way to celebrate Occupational Therapy Month than by helping consumers find Occupational Therapists across the USA and Canada WWW.FINDANOCCUPATIONALTHERAPIST.COM is a free, user friendly directory where Occupational Therapists can easily enter information about their practices and the services they offer. Signing up and entering your practice information is easy and free, so take advantage of this opportunity. This comprehensive online public directory is an invaluable resource to give us exposure to the consumer and each other, encourages interaction, shared ideas and helps OTs stay competitive in the market place. This easy to access national database help consumers find the best OT to treat them, regardless of where they live. To date over 450 OTs in 25 states have signed up.

After 40 years as an OT, I know that one of the best way for us to secure our professional future is to hold ourselves out to the public, and showcase our services. It is unfortunate that the AOTA, unlike ASHA and the APTA does not host such a directory on their website. This directory makes it easier to find and make appropriate referrals to each other. The continued successful utilization of this database is dependent upon getting as many OTs as possible to sign up and then spreading the word that the directory exists.

Please share this email with other OT colleagues who might be potentially interested, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Iris (Kimberg, MS PT OTR)



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