If you work with families that need live in professionals, it’s time to learn about Apex Social!

Apex Social Group has a creative solution to bridge the gap between therapists, the family, and the home by providing a unique live-in childcare solution. Apex provides families with children who have special needs the assistance and support that they need and do so across the country. Apex Social Group has been providing families that have varying special needs with live-in Care Professionals since 2008. All Apex Care Professionals have chosen a career path in a health, therapy or educational field such as PT, OT, ST, ABA/RBT, Pediatric Nursing, or education with special needs experience. Their Care Professional’s do not come into the home as a therapist or nurse for instance, yet they have skills and experience that allow them to become the nucleus of that family’s care team and foster new possibilities as a whole. They are able to take “homework” given by the child’s therapists and really incorporate those things to work toward developmental milestones and support healthy family dynamics.

We currently have over 100 candidates available to interview with families.  Check out our skilled Apex Care Professionals here. To find out more about what we can provide your families, or to consider becoming a resource partner with Apex Social Group, please schedule a time to connect by clicking here!

COMING UP – 4/20/2023 & 4/21/2023:

ApexINSPIRE Autism Summit “Deepening a Spectrum of Solutions for Tomorrow.”

Get on the invite list for our 2 Day event where families, service providers and others can hear from experts about innovations in the space of neurodiversity.



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