JOGO HEALTH Inc. A JLABS Company at University of Pennsylvania – Pennovation Center is looking to acquire or partner with existing adult PT practices in the 5 boroughs of NY, New Jersey or Connecticut to create new revenue streams and bring physical therapy to the forefront of technology.

The ideal practice is an in network practice with a minimum of two staff members whose clients  have neuromuscular, neurological and/ or orthopedic conditions and who would be interested in using JOGO’s FDA approved, modern EMG biofeedback system that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and VR (Virtual Reality) as an integral part of treatment.

JOGO piloted this model in India by adding a JOGO treatment unit to existing PT clinics and saw referrals from doctors double in an year, while clients saw significant clinical improvements.  JOGO is  open to a revenue share model by adding pop-up JOGO clinics to existing PT practices who are not interested in selling their entities.

JOGO’s system was  developed on the groundbreaking work done by pioneers in EMG-BF, Dr. Joseph Brudny of Rush Rehab and Dr. Gordon Silverman of Rockefeller University. JOGO Health medical advisory board consists of researchers from Harvard Medical School, Yale School of Medicine and New York University. JOGO Health has already used  JOGO’s evidence driven protocols for patients with  problems in Neurology, Urology, Pain Management and Gastroenterology. Current clinic operations and staff will be maintained 100%, but new evidence driven protocols will be implemented  for selected conditions such as chronic low back pain, migraine, stroke rehabilitation and pelvic floor rehab. Training will be provided to existing staff and new members will also be added for expansion.

If you are interested in exploring this innovative opportunity please reach out in confidence to:

Siva Nadarajah, President and Co-Founder | 1-609-686-9700 |



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