Now is the Time to Get a Quote on Your Malpractice Insurance- Give CM&F a Chance to Save You Money without Sacrificing Coverage

Professional Liability Protection for Therapy Clinics – CM&F have been writing policies since  1919!
Their rehab/therapy clinic malrpractice insurance program includes:

  1. 50% lower premiums on average compaired to competitors
  2. Telehealth coverage is it is within the scope of practice of your state
  3.  Employee entitlement to their own separate individual limit for professional liability at time of claim.  Competitors require all employees plus the corporation to share one limit of liability
  4.  Sexual misconduct limit  expense coverage limits of $1M while competitors limits are up to $25,000
  5.  Professional Liability limits of $1M/$3M,   $1M/$6M and $2M/$4M are available.

Feel free to reach out to Marty Liston if you have any questions at 

A GOOD NY STORY! NYC may seem like a big city, but  it turns out my home/office in Tribeca is located next door to CM&F Group.  Over the years I have gotten to know Marty Liston, one of the brokers personally. Not only does he know his policies, he is very responsive, and forthright with answering questions and giving therapists information. Feel free to reach out to him personally if you have any questions or would like to get a quote for your practice, whether it is a mobile, brick and mortar or hybrid.
Iris Kimberg MS PT OTR



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