OTs and PTs – You Can Now Become a HealtheHabits for Living Provider

Physical and Occupational Therapists – Join a growing group of therapists incorporating this program in their practice!

Started by Jill Hurley, an OTR/CHT, with over 30 years of experience, Healthe Habits for Living is a unqiue program that focuses on individualized assessment and treatment of clients with obesity and other chronic diseases affecting their activities of daily living. This specialized treatment includes training, coaching and counseling individuals in appropriate and effective skills in exercise, basic non-medical nutrition and the mental/behavioral strategies needed to make lifestyle changes. The program is structured, reimbursable and evidence based and many practices are looking for new programs to offer as they come back to full capacity following COVID. There are now 11 practices in the states of Louisiana, Texas, Minnesota, Ohio and Arkansas using this program with great results.
As we continue to shift from being in the sickness business to being in the preventative health/wellness business, this is the opportune time to incorporate this program into your practice. Unlike gyms that lack the expertise to coordinate an exercise program with a person’s existing condition, therapists are uniquely qualified to bridge the gap between the medical and fitness community. This program will enable you to provide a place for referral sources to send medically compromised patients including overweight/obese patients, diabetics, hypertensive patients and cancer survivors for expert exercise and lifestyle training and intervention.



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