OTs – Take your career in a different direction – Unique opportunity to develop a niche offering Functional Capacity Evaluation and Expert Testimony –

Occupational Therapists – If you have been considering taking your career in a different direction, this is a unique opportunity to develop a niche in offering
Functional Capacity Evaluation and Expert Testimony

Sherry Young, OTR and Founder of Starting Point Rehabilitation,  has been at the forefront of FCEs and expert testimony for over 30 years.  At this stage of her professional career, she is looking for the right therapist to join her to learn and participate in this fantastic niche within our field. There is an opportunity for potential buy and ownership of her practice over time. The clinic is located in Arvada Colorado, right outside of Denver.

Starting Point is hiring a part-time occupational therapist position (approximately 20 hours/week initially with the potential for 40 hours salaried) performing functional capacity evaluations. Minimum 5 years of OT experience required in any of the following areas or combination thereof: general rehabilitation (in-patient or out-patient), job site evaluations, ergonomics, functional capacity evaluations or similar exams, knowledge of cognitive deficits, visual perceptual dysfunction, and general non-disabling emotional diagnoses such as depression, PTSD, somatoform pain disorders, etc.

Sherry is designing a process that will support a remote position involving real-time video/camera viewing in our clinic so the therapist can interact remotely. The clinic specializes in medical/legal evaluations and testimony. This position will not be required to testify in court initially, but the goal is to train someone to step into this very important and needed role. Sherry is passionate about offering the supervision and needed support for the OT who accepts the position and is committed to learning and providing this essential service.

While medical/legal work can appear intimidating, it should not deter OTs from working in this realm. Occupational therapists are the BEST professionals to provide clients experiencing permanent disabilities and functional deficits the necessary information that greatly increases the chances for an appropriate settlement needed to maintain   acceptable quality of life. This OT will have constant supervision and needed support while learning and providing this essential service.

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