Streamline Your School System Billing with a Great Programming Package from PS Medical Systems

If you are looking to streamline your SCHOOL DISTRICT OPERATIONS, BILLING and COMPLIANCE for both Evaluations and Ongoing Related Services, there is a great new customizable program created by PS MEDICAL SYSTEMS, a leader in programming for school services. This program can be utilized by agencies and practices across the country!
Features for Evaluations allow users to:
1. Securely IMPORT your agency’s evaluations directly from external systems
2. Search for Open Evaluation Coverage via generated emails/text messages to Evaluators
3. Automatically inform Evaluators via generated emails of upcoming Date of Compliance
4. Post Evaluation Dates
5. Mark Evaluations for Revision
6. Automatically monitor Evaluation Report Status
7. Generate Billing Invoices and Payroll Transactions

Features for Related Therapy System allows users to:
1.  Securely import your agency’s assigned mandates directly from IEP Direct (Registered trademark of the Frontline Education system)
2. Posting of both Direct and Consult Sessions which are validated against their respective mandates
3. Posting Fully Validates Make-up Sessions
4. Enables posting of the following Billable Transactions:
– Evaluations and re-evaluations
– Classroom consults
– Meeting Notes
– Note Writing
– Annual Reviews
5. Maintain Billing Rates for different school districts
6. Maintain Pay Rates for individual clinicians
7. Generate Billing Invoices/Payroll Transactions
8. School districts can access all relevant information via School District Portals



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