Take charge of your practice in 2022! Learn about Wellness Works Management Partners and their New Strategies, People and Systems

If 2022 is the year to take your private practice to the next level of profitable growth by:
  • Increasing revenue 
  • Optimizing collections
  • Creating systems of accountability             


ELEVATE Your Practice with Wellness Works Management Partners

Founded by Brandon Seigel, Wellness Works Management Partners is a leader in supporting Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy Organizations reach their greatest potential and optimize their bottom line! Wellness Works Management Partners is a deconstructed management service organization (MSO) recognized as a leader in elevating private practices success trajectory by unlocking greater profit, optimizing growth strategies, and creating systems of accountability and forecasting.
Founder, Brandon Seigel has always hated 3rd party medical billing companies because they chase the lowest fruit and often only work 1 day per week per practice. He is on a mission to recreate the way that medical billing is done and supporting private practices as an extension of their team focused on systems, accountability, and greater cash flow! Wellness Works Management Partners offers comprehensive medical billing and revenue cycle management solutions through their “Revenue Pro” approach.Brandon and his team currently works on an ongoing basis with over 300 private practices in 25 states. In 2021, they created over $50M in increased cash flow for its partner private practices.


The goal of Wellness Works Management Partners is to bring the value of their team of experienced and certified coders and billers into your practice to upgrade and streamline all processes related to revenue flow. Packages are customized to fit the needs of your practice and can change over time as your practice grows.  This can include:

  • An Optimized 3rd Party Medical Billing Solution: full medical billing & certified coding team with over 25 years of experience integrated into your private practice with emphasis on daily billing and optimized cash flow through daily collections.
  • A Chief Revenue Cycle Manager Strategy Solution: This program is ideal for those that have an in-house billing team and supports private practices on an ongoing basis through strategic medical billing oversight, medical billing leadership, and ensuring each team member on your staff is trained up to optimize cash flow, coding, billing, and collections.
  • A Revenue Cycle Management Consultation: This program is ideal for private practices that are seeking to invest in a deep dive audit of their coding, collections, patient policies and procedures. Knowledge is power and this program unlocks strategic insight on areas of concern in your current operating basis.



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