PTs OTs STs -Take the Survey: Success in Getting Paid Using New Caregiver Education Codes

CMS has approved 97550 timed code first 30 minutes, 97751 add on code with 97550, Caregiver Education codes for OT PT and ST effective 1/1/2024. Although CMS is the gold standard for commercial carriers and many follow their lead in approving CPT codes, do not assume that all carriers will automatically approve and pay for the codes. Additionally, as with all codes, these are not adult or pediatric driven. The purpose of this survey is to gather preliminary data on not only whether therapists are using these codes, but also whether they are being acknowledged and paid for/reimbursed by carriers across the country. Educating is at the cornerstone of what we do as therapists – now, let’s see how far we have come in getting paid for it. The results of the survey will be shared with everyone. Thank you for your participation.

For those therapists not familiar with the new codes, email Iris at and I will send you a fact sheet.



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