Episode Eight – Motherhood, Family Ties and Therapy Practice Ownership – Balance and Success on Both Fronts

One of the first questions I often get asked is whether I think you can you grow a successful practice and have  a family.  Proof of concept is the fact that my own company grew over a 25 year period in sync with my wonderful daughter Jenna. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that both turned out to be successful in their own right.

That is not to say that there were not trials and tribulations along the way. This podcast, co hosted with Tomeico Faison talks about tips for doing this successfully ; how to manage guilt and growth,  why therapists make “special” kinds of mothers, and  the pros and cons of keeping your therapist hat on when looking at your own children. We also delve into the upside and downside of family engagement and what to expect if you go the route (which is actually pretty common) of hiring your family members, being the “boss” of your husband, and pitfalls to avoid. We also look at the impact that can have on the dynamics of your practice. Specifically what this may mean for other staff members, including tensions in the work place when your family is treated differently than other staff members, and how to avoid the appearance of nepotism.