2020 Generic Employee Handbook

This newly updated for 2020 generic employee handbook is 46 pages and includes all of the policy and procedures you want to have in place. It includes specific  guidelines and templates of policies for the following topics:

Immigration Law Compliance, Equal Employment Opportunity, Disability Accommodation,   Workers’ Compensation Insurance, Employee Relations, Hiring Policy, Work Schedule, Lunch breaks, Pay Schedule/ Paydays, Timekeeping System, Overtime, Personnel Data Changes, Access to Personnel Files, Job and Performance Evaluation, Employment Termination, Resignation,  Rehire/Seniority, Employment Reference Checks, Professional Development/Training, Jury and Witness Duty, Voting,  Benefits/Time Off/ Leaves of Absence, Holidays, Disability Leave/Medical Leave, Employee Benefits, Benefits Continuation (COBRA)  Retirement- Simple IRA Plan,  Bereavement Leave, Personal Leave of Absence,  Military Service Leave ,Administrative Pay Corrections, Pay Deductions and Setoffs, Salary Administration,  Health and Safety, Drug and Alcohol Use, Workplace Violence Prevention,    Sexual and Other Unlawful Harassment, Complaint Procedure, Blood borne Pathogens,  Work Place Conduct, Attendance and Punctuality, Business Ethics and Conduct, Cell Phone Policy, Confidential Information/Nondisclosure, HIPAA Formal Notification, Conflicts of Interest, Patient Relations, Dress Code/Personal Appearance, Computer and Email Usage,   Internet Usage, Phone and Mail System, Use of Equipment, Outside Employment,   Disciplinary Procedures/Progressive Discipline,  Smoke Free Campus/Workplace, Problem Resolution, Media Relations,   Housekeeping, Facility Security, Safety, Solicitation and Distribution, Whistleblower Policy, Leave to Donate Blood, Nursing Mothers

All pages are editable so you can include your practice name etc.