This workbook, newly updated in 2023 is geared specifically for therapists (PT OT ST) in the beginning stages of starting a professional private practice. Trial and error is not a business plan!!!!

Starting a private practice is a multi-faceted process in which the end product is an entity that matches both your business capabilities and your professional abilities. The purpose of this workbook, which is geared toward PTs, OTs and STs to offer a concrete, step by step approach to discussing all aspects of starting a practice.

Workbook includes reviewing the legal forms that the practice can take, minimum start-up requirements and costs, identifying marketing strategies and contacts to build a referral base, beginning billing set-ups, and ideas to sustain your practice once it is up and running. It is newly revised to include all HIPAA documentation. This 90-page workbook is a comprehensive in-depth guide with sample forms, letter and extensive on and offline resources.

Therapists from all 50 states have bought this book – it is not state specific, and what we all have in common far outweighs our difference. See full Table of Contents below.

Table of Contents

1. Step One – Identify a Need Your Practice Can Meet …pg.8
Trends to Consider  …pg.9
2. Step Two  – Who, What and Where …pg.10
3. Step Three – Legal Structure Options  …pg.11-13
4. Step Four – Choosing a Name …pg.14-16
5. Step Five – Minimum Start up Requirements
Business Plan …pg.17-18
Insurance Information …pg.19-20
The Place of Business …pg.21-23
Contracting With Insurance Carriers – Medicare Enrollment, Plan- Lock out
The Perfect Storm: Cash based versus Insurance …pg.24-25
Financial Considerations – Budgeting, Securing a Loan …pg.26-33
HIPAA/ FERPA Compliance …pg.34-37
6. Step Six – Marketing …pg.38-41
7. Step Seven – The First year – Growing Your Practice …pg. 42-45
APPENDIX …pg.47-67