2023 Addendum to the Pediatric Policy and Procedure Manual

This is a 13-page addendum to the Pediatric Policy and Procedure Manual created in 2021 and contains the following that you can add to your manual if it is relevant to your practice. All are downloadable, editable and attorney approved:

  1. Consent Form to Treat a Minor without Parent or Guardian Present
  1. Fact Sheet About Network Gap Exceptions and Accepting Payment from Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts
  1. Attestation for Waiver of HIPAA Protection During Community Based Therapy Services
  2. Pediatrics – Parent Consent Form to Use E-mail without the use of Encryption to Exchange Personally Identifiable Information
  3. Templates (2) of Pediatric Telehealth Consent Form
  4. Policy and Procedures for Telehealth in Pediatrics