May 1st 2024 -How to Develop a Consultancy Business in the Therapy World

May 1st, 2024, 7- 9:00 PM EST – How to Develop a Consultancy Business in the Therapy World.  Our mantra is There are riches in the niches!    If you currently give away your knowledge for free, this one is for you!
Here are some details:
Healthcare is the fastest-growing job sector in the U.S. economy; according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the field will increase by 18 percent through 2026. Another high-growth field: management consulting, predicted to expand by a robust 14 percent over the same period of time. Put the two together and you get healthcare consultants, specialized management consultants who help healthcare practitioners and organizations. Add to it the fact that hiring employees is very difficult and it is the perfect time to start thinking about holding yourself out as a consultant.

One positive outcome of COVID is that many therapists have had the time/ bandwidth and for some, the necessity to evaluate themselves rather than their clients. There has been an outpouring of therapists who want to do something different, transition from hands on to hands off, use their expertise, their wealth of knowledge and skills to reach a different and often larger audience by being a consultant. If you need ideas, inspiration and support in shifting, adapting and changing gears to see if you are ready, willing and able to start a consultancy business, this webinar is for you. Time is our personal currency and there are ways to maximize our worth, monetize and capitalize on our knowledge and make sure we are not underutilized. Many of the therapists who participated in this webinar last year were able to successfully launch their consultancies within 6 months.  Real examples of therapists currently doing consultancies will be referenced throughout the webinar, including the OT who consulted on Rare Beauty, Selena Gomez’s inclusive beauty company!

Beyond hearing NOT to call this your “side hustle”, the goals for this webinar are to explore concrete options, action plans and strategies to establish:

-How to answer the first question – am I qualified enough to be a consultant??
-Ways to determine how to monetize your wealth of knowledge utilizing Rob Ryan’s one page
“sunflower model”
–  How to hold yourself out to the public as a consultant/facilitator/ coach to both individuals, companies
institutions and entities
– Legal issues- considerations regarding what to include in a contract and what type of insurance to get to mitigate your risk and exposure.
– Tips for best use of social media networking, and in bound marketing including Facebook/LinkedIn
to capitalize on networking and connections.
– Yes, you need a resume and here is what to include!
– Understanding intellectual property vs. work for hire in the context of consulting
-What separates a good consultant from a bad consultant – how to build in success and avoid pitfalls
of failure?
– Exploring avenues for getting hired as a consultant and becoming the”go to” person for your niche.

There will be time for live Q/A and a replay will be available for those who cannot attend live.
Upon completion you will be eligible for a 2-hour certificate of participation.
Included in the price ($125) is the full replay, material, all handouts and a copy of the PowerPoint.
A sample redacted consulting contracting agreement is included.

Does this webinar qualify for CEUs? It depends on your state. Many states have approved this course to count for CEU credits because I outline how the course is relevant to OT, PT and ST practice, give a post webinar quiz that demonstrates competence and understanding of material and a certificate of completion. Check with your state.

About the Speaker: Iris Kimberg, MS PT OTR has 25 plus years of experience as a private practice consultant after building her own entity from scratch to a $14M company until she sold it to a Fortune 500 company. She currently serves as a consultant to many practices, therapists, start-up companies and facilities and has help many therapists establish themselves as consultants in their area of expertise.


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