Replay Now Available from the 9/12 Webinar – Considerations When Therapists are Starting a Not for, or Non Profit Organization

We had a great webinar filled with info and ideas for how therapists can start an NPO, at a time when more and more therapists are looking to form Non-Profit Entities, many in addition to their existing practices and companies.   Ernest Patrick Smith, CPA/ABV/CFF,CVA,CFE CEPA, a managing partner of Nawrocki Smith, who consults with many health entities and therapy practices, and also has helped formed over 100 NPOs offered a great deal of helpful info.

Starting a new nonprofit is a major endeavor that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Starting a nonprofit is no different from starting any other business. You need to do research, have a concrete plan, and file business-formation documents with your state. But nonprofits face an additional hurdle—they must get approval from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to be exempt from taxes. There are many therapists already in private practice who have often wanted to establish a non-profit entity to complement the services already provided, particularly with the incentive to reach clients and families who otherwise might not be able to afford services. Different options will be discussed as to potential structures to make this happen.

Topics covered:

•Defining Your Purpose
•Clarification of terms – nonprofit vs. not for profit
•Difference between 501C and 501C3
•Overview of Tax implications for non-profits including criteria for tax exempt status
•Strategies to set up therapy entities
•Examples/Case Studies of existing Therapy Related Non-Profit entities
•Live Q/A

Info is relevant to all states, and the replay will be available if you cannot attend live.
Suitable for OTs, PTs and STs
Material is not state specific and relevant no matter where you practice.
Does this webinar qualify for CEUs? It depends on your state. Many states have approved this course for CEU credits because I outline how the course is relevant to OT,PT and ST practice, give a post webinar quiz that demonstrates competence and understanding of material and a certificate of completion. Check with your state.

The replay includes the powerpoint and replay of the entire webinar including the Q/A,


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