Live Webinar - January 11th 2022 Coping Strategies to Overcome the Shortage of Therapists Looking for Work – Retention and Recruitment

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We all know that 2020 and 2021 have been difficult years for both employers and employees. One of the main issues and problems practice owners have been contacting me about is their inability to fill current open positions in their practice since COVID. Employment in our industry was disrupted during the pandemic, but it is becoming obvious that there are more long term repercussions pertaining to this impacting  pediatric and adult  PT OT and ST practices across the country.  And incidentally, if you have been following trends, the shortage was predicted and occurring prior to COVID with researchers stating it can continue well in 2030….  More employees quit their jobs in August 2021 than any month in the last 2 decades!
Join us for this live interactive webinar  January 11th 2022 from 7:00-9:00 PM where we will explore the reason(s) why we are having this shortage, and more importantly, steps every practice owner can take to resolve this issue and start hiring and retaining staff. Indeed ads are not enough!

Discussed with  actionable, immediate take aways will be:
1. turnover rates, vacancy rates, employee leverage in the marketplace and employee life cycles
2. innovative recruitment and retention strategies
3. sign on vs retention bonuses
4. “key person” insurance, and how to  tailor opportunities and offers
5.   Hertzberg’s famous 2 factor theory
6.  rewarding effort not just results – is productivity just a four letter word?
7.  exit interviews, staff satisfaction surveys
8.  setting up fellowships and externships
9.  Wait list suggestions-  what we can do while demand for services outpaces supply of therapists to keep serving our clients.
10. Staffing as a pre requisite to a succession plan. Its NEVER too early.

Does this webinar qualify for CEUs?  It depends on your state. Many states have approved this course to count for CEU credits because I outline how the course is relevant to OT,PT and ST practice, give a post webinar quiz that demonstrates competence and understanding of material and a certificate of completion.  Check with your state.

Replays will be available 24 hours after the live webinar if you cannot attend live.

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