Live Webinar March 3 2021 7-9 PM EST Considerations When Therapists Establish a Non or Not for Profit Entity

Many therapists already in private practice have often wanted to establish a non or not for  profit entity to complement the services already provided, particular with the incentive to reach clients and families who otherwise might not be able to afford services. I am excited to be offering this webinar in conjunction with Ernest Patrick Smith, CPA/ABV/CFF, CVA, CFE* , Managing Partner, Nawrocki Smith LLP

Topics covered will include:

Defining Your Purpose
Clarification on terms related to Non, Not for  Profit Status – and no, they are not the same!!!
Overview of Tax implications for non profits including criteria for tax exempt status
Misunderstanding About  Non profits  – and when moneys earned may be subject to income tax
Difference between 501C and 501C3 and the new Form 1023EZ
Strategies to build in and support a Non Profit’s success
Best Practices/ Necessary Documentation for Accounting and Record Keeping
Examples/Case Studies of existing Therapy Related Non or Not for  Profit entities
Live Q/A

The  live webinar will be recorded and all registrants  will get a copy of the powerpoint, and all handouts.  Registrants will be able to take a post webinar quiz and then can get a certificate of participation.
Early rate registration starts 2/2 ($45)  and will end 2/15, when registration will increase to $60.