NEW On line Course - CEU Course Creator – How to Get Your Course Created and  Approved for CEUs by the AOTA

This 3 hour  online course, created by Arianna Medina, AOTA Approved Provider is  designed to help occupational  therapists become an approved AOTA provider and launch online courses.  It is a self-paced and very user-friendly course that takes you step by step through the process of filling out the AOTA application while simultaneously giving you ongoing, concrete, and actionable ideas of how to fine tune your ideas for a course, make it marketable, and get approved by the AOTA. The course takes the angst out of the process and helps you successfully get to the finish line. Additionally, it discusses options to pivot your material to appeal to different audiences and generate additional secondary revenue streams. Whether you are at the “idea” stage, have a working draft or just want to confirm that you fit the criteria for approval, this course is for you!

More and more therapists are seeing the value of sharing their wealth of knowledge with other colleagues by creating online courses. Many therapists are at the stage of their career where they want to go from “hands on” to “hands off” and course creation is a great way to contribute to the field while developing a secondary revenue stream for yourself.  There is an additional benefit to taking your course to the next level by getting it approved for CEU credits. For starters, this added step gives you and your course instant credibility. Additionally, by helping therapists meet their state licensure CEU requirement, you create a strong selling point for your course beyond the information you are sharing. Your course is helping them meet a mandate AND be a better therapist.

Included with the course are 9 handouts to help support and detail the process. Included are ready to go templates of all the forms you need to submit to the AOTA so that part of the process is streamlined 

Iris Kimberg, MS PT OTR a longtime course creator is available on an as needed basis to help therapists on an individual basis with all aspects of this process – from conception to completion.
Her consulting fee is $210 per hour pro-rated and there is no minimum time requirement.