Replay Now Available from the May 19th 2022 Webinar – Securing a School Contract

The replay of the live May 19th webinar including a;; the Q/A is now available. Securing school contracts is a multi faceted undertaking, whether you are a solo practitioner or have a contract agency. Many therapists already in private practice consider doing this to develop a new revenue flow and payor mix and offer opportunities to keep staff employed in off hours. Other therapists currently work for others in the school system and wonder why they can’t do this on their own. Whether you are in an urban, suburban or rural area, there are many issues and information you need to know to determine whether this is a viable option for you, and a value maker rather than a value taker.

This webinar  discusses  all issues related to the competitive bidding process, non bid awards, contracts, determining competitive pricing, typical insurance requirements to mitigate risks and protect yourself and how to break into the market of school based services – public, private, charter, religious, preschool, and now telehealth,  from a marketing perspective. The information presented will be concrete and a step by step guide and is relevant for PTs OT and SLPs. This is the time of year to get set up for the Fall/Winter 2022-23 academic year.

Included are 4  handouts with sample marketing letters soliciting interest,  RFP samples and actual school based contract templates.  All the Q/A are included in the replay.
Every attendee can take a post webinar quiz and get a Certificate of Participation.

Does this webinar qualify for CEUs? It depends on your state. Many states have approved this course to count for CEU credits because I outline how the course is relevant to OT,PT and ST practice, give a post webinar quiz that demonstrates competence and understanding of material and a certificate of completion. Check with your state.

Presented by Iris Kimberg MS PT OTR.  Iris has had extensive experience securing small and large school based contracts, both bid and non bid throughout the US.