Replay of 10/8 LIVE WEBINAR 2020 Updates- Coding/Documentation for Adult Private Practices

Presented by Steve Glukh MS OTR/L of Hello Note and Iris Kimberg, MS PT, OTR
Many therapists are now refocusing on their day to day business processes after several months of unprecedented upheaval.  Proper coding and documentation remains high on everyone’s list, so we are extremely excited to be offering concrete, actionable and tangible information that will keep you current and in compliance. This webinar is relevant to all PTs and OTs in private practice, particularly in private practice and billing Medicare Part B. You will also get 2 handouts: one with the latest information on CPT code 99072 on reimbursement for COVID related expenses including PPE and one with the 10/1 Code Edits that includes a great cheat sheet of the most common pairs and when you need to use a modifier.


1. Proper use of CPT codes and its importance, including TELEHEALTH changes
that have been implemented in 2020 to ensure best correct billing procedures
for all patients.
2. Review of the latest NCCI edits, 59 modifiers (when and how to use), and billing for
billable ICD10 codes.
3. Discussion of the new PTA/OTA modifier including payment changes in 2022.
4. Exploring the differences between Traditional Medicare, Medicare Advantage,
HMO’s, PPO, OON and cash based as it relates to coding billing and documentation
5. Understanding key components for defensible clinical documentation
to avoid denials
6.  Learn what may trigger a peer review of notes or an audit so you can avoid one!

$85 includes the 2 handouts  and access to the replay 24/7/365

About the speakers: Iris Kimberg, MS PT OTR is happy to be co hosting this webinar with Steve Glukh MS, OTR/L, CEO of HelloNOTE and an active Medicare Part B therapist in  NYC. Steve’s hands on knowledge of coding, billing and documentation and Iris’ 40 year knowledge base of the business end of therapy provision means you will receive immediate takeaways to help you get or stay current in your practice.