Replay of the April 2nd 2020 Webinar - All About Telehealth - Q/A

Co-hosted by Daniel Seidler, MS PT, CEO of TelePT Solutions and Iris Kimberg, MS PT OTR
We decided our biggest value at this time is to answer your questions and get fact based information to as many therapists as possible.
As therapists continue to pivot to telehealth during the COVID 19 crisis, I have been witness to success stories, disasters, misinformation, and everything in between as it relates to telehealth. I see the challenges facing everyone who are learning this in real time and applaud everyone for their incredible fortitude and resilience.
The topics are divided into 4 sections. We will group and merge similar questions to deliver a  FACTUAL and REAL TIME information in an efficient manner. Based on submitted questions, here is what we are covering as of now:

1. Insurance Reimbursement/ Coding and Legal Concern:
– What CPT code(s) can be used to bill for telehealth services including modifiers and whether POS must be changed?
-Clarify the legality of providing telehealth services across state lines
-Clarify any different documentation that should be included in treatment notes
– What are tips to mitigate risk since you cannot reach out and touch your patient

2. Connectivity and Platforms:
-Suggestions for success regarding connectivity and review of platforms and what to look for based on the type of practice (peds to adults)

3. Medicare  Considerations:
-Review E visits versus Telehealth visits especially as it related to frequency and coding, and confirm that even though the CARE stimulus act gives HHS the right to waive restrictions on who can provide telehealth, at the moment Therapists can still only do evists

4. Clinical Considerations:
-Resources for the EI community specifically
-Tips to ensure a successful session
-Suggestions to improve conversion rates in client participation

You also get the compiled telehealth collection of  handouts, forms and templates related to telehealth for peds and for adults including consent forms. platform reviews  etc.