Replay of10/21/20 Webinar: Navigating the Course for Therapists 50 Years and Older: Options and Strategies to Monetize Your Skills Set and Contacts

Please note: The webinar is targeted for Therapists over 50 but holds relevance for everyone.

The last 6 months of the COVID world has been a trying time for all therapists, whether you have been working in facilities and institutions, or for yourself in private practice. Many therapists, especially those over 50 years of age, have had a harder time pivoting, adapting, staying gainfully employed etc. For therapists over 50 who have “brick and mortar” private practices, there has been an accelerated push to sell. It is the other therapists that concern me; clear options for shifts in gainful engagements are not as clear cut, and I feel like many therapists over 50 are not putting their wealth of knowledge and information out there, while some of our younger and less experienced therapists are. If you are not ready or financially able to retire but need ideas, inspiration and support in shifting, adapting and changing gears, this webinar is (just)  for you.  Time is our personal currency and there are ways to maximize our worth. So many therapists over 50 years of age have contacted me in the last 6 months that I decided a webinar was the best was to have the conversation with many of you. The feedback from the live webinar was excellent!

The goal of this 2 hour webinar is to explore concrete options, action plans and strategies to establish:

Ways to determine how to monetize your wealth of knowledge utilizing Rob Ryan’s one page “sunflower model”
How to hold yourself out to the public  as a consultant/facilitator/”coach” including legal ramification and protection
Tips for best use of social media including Facebook/Linkedin
Getting started on hosting webinars/ podcasts  and finding a comfortable platform
Showcase your knowledge and develop a thought leadership position in the marketplace
Ways to collaborate, not compete and embrace cross generational networking with millennials
How to embrace technology including telehealth
Capitalizing on compounded years of networking and connections
Streamlining a 20-30 year resume – making your age and experience an asset not a liability

The live Q/A is included in the replay and everyone is eligible to take the post webinar quiz.
Upon completion you will be eligible for a 2 hour certificate of participation.
This webinar is sponsored by Simple Practice –  Thank you for your support!