Replay Part I Updated for 2021 Starting a Professional Private Practice

Starting a Professional Private Practice. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. the right way!
Trial and Error is NOT a business plan. This 2 part webinar, recorded live in January 2020 with all the Q/A is now available. It is geared specifically for PTs OTs and STs therapists in the beginning stages of starting a professional private practice regardless of whether you are in pediatrics or adult care. Starting a private practice is a multi faceted process in which the end product is an entity that matches both your business capabilities and your professional abilities. The purpose of this webinar is to offer a concrete, step by step approach to discussing all aspects of starting a practice. Enrollment is limited so there can be live interaction between attendees.

Part One: Starting a Professional Private Practice

  • Identifying a need that your practice can meet

  • Trends in healthcare to be aware of

  • Who, What and Where – Market research to find a location, carve out a niche, and distinguish yourself from your competitors

  • Determining the BEST Legal Structure for Your Practice and tax consequences

  • Choosing a Name, Logo and Tagline that work to Establish a Brand On and Off line

  • Developing a meaningful Business Plan that is easy to write and follow

  • Location, location, location and what to be aware of before signing a lease


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