Sensitivity Data Spreadsheet to Determine Optimal Pay Rates/ Benchmarks for Productivity for Staff Therapists

One of the most common questions I get from therapists hiring other therapists, especially the first hire is how to determine how much they can actually afford to pay the therapist, what is the minimum level of productivity needed to break even, and then of course to hopefully be profitable.

A sensitivity data spreadsheet is a great tool to help therapists make informed decisions about this. Generally, a Sensitivity analysis in Excel lets you vary the assumptions in a model and look at the output under a range of different outcomes. For private practices, we know there are many variables that need to be examined in order to see the minimum benchmark of productive sessions needed for a employed therapist to be profitable for a practice owner.

This spread sheet gives you the ability to input and change several variables – # of productive sessions, # of days worked, average bill rate per session, average pay rate per session, average cost of different benefits and taxes so that you can make an informed decision about what you can afford to offer therapists to get beyond a break-even point.

All of the data in the yellow cells can be altered. Sample numbers are intentionally left in. Best advice is to download the spreadsheet to keep this as an original and then make a copy where you can input your data.

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