The Scalability, Strategic Growth and Expansion of Your Private Practice

Live Webinar – January 5th 2021  7:00- 9:30 PM EST

This webinar will be given by Iris Kimberg, MS PT OTR. Iris knows a thing or two about scalability,  strategic growth and development of a practice. She grew her own solo practice into a $14M entity with 3 offices and 700 therapists before selling it to a Fortune 500 company. 

Many therapists have wondered at some point whether they should strive to grow bigger either through acquisitions or joint ventures or stay within a defined specific market where they feel most comfortable.   Others have concerns that despite short term success, there is uncertainty about building in guard rails and plans for sustained and continuous long term viability and success. Sometimes therapists may be “drowning” in opportunity and not know which direction to go in. There is no doubt that the bigger you grow, the harder it is to keep the high caliber and quality of services you provide intact unless you have systems in place. The goal for this webinar is to be able to look at the scalability, growth and expansion of your practice through many layers and considerations. Specific ideas and action plans with immediate takeaways  about second locations and forming strategic alliances and collaborations will be discussed.  All material will be discussed for both pediatric and adult based practices with immediate concrete, actionable and implementable ideas, actions plans and takeaways.


Summary of Current Industry Wide Challenges and Trends to Keep in Mind
Study Snapshot of Your Practice – Profit Makers and Profit Takers
Concerns for Practice Management with an Eye on the Future and How Big to Grow
Staff retention – Losing Employees but Keeping the Business/ Retention bonuses etc
Staff accountability  – Turn Over Rate, Is Loyalty Over Rated??
The Expansion Process – How to Keep Growing
Expanding an Existing Location vs. Opening a Second Office
Building In Multiple Revenue Streams
Venturing into Complementary Service Areas and Strategic Alliances
Pinpointing Long Term Goal for Your Practice and How to Achieve It
What Mergers/Acquisitions/ Successions are Really Like

All participations will get handouts and flow charts for Strategic Growth Action Plan  that include:

How to achieve (action steps)
Time Frame  (by when)
Measurements  of Success
Responsible Party
Financial Implementations

Trends for the future are also identified and discussed.  This webinar will address concrete and actionable ways to bolster the long term viability and business success of therapists who already have established a therapy practice/therapy based businesses

Early rate registration starts now and will run through December 5 2020
Registration includes all handouts, a copy of the powerpoint,  and 24/7/365 access to the replay.
A post webinar quiz will be available along with a Certificate of Participation.

Payment can be made here or if you prefer you can use VENMO – Iris Kimberg