Updated 2023 Addendum to 2 Part Webinar – What about Peds? Best Practice for Coding Billing and Documentation

The November 2021 2 Part Webinar, What About Peds? Best Practice for Coding, Documentation and Billing was one of the most well attended webinar.  Many, many therapists have requested an update so I decided to record a 16-slide power point update with discussion that details:

  1. What are the changes in CPT codes – what is new in 2023 and what’s already been announced for 2024?
    What are the new ICD 10 codes for 2023 that may impact you?
  2. What was the average billing rates in 2022 for some of the CPT codes most commonly used and what is the latest on code 97355?
  3. What’s new with RTM and are we seeing its use in pediatric practices?
  4. What is pending legislation that pediatric practice owners should keep their eye on?
  5. What’s the latest with telehealth coverage in 2023 and where might this be going? What is the status of Parity laws for telehealth.
  6. Things to watch out for in 2023 based on what happened in 2022 – POST PAYMENT AUDITs and Clawbacks
  7. What is Happening with the No Surprises Act – Good Faith Estimates and Who Needs to follow this?Downloadable so you can have as a reference forever and will get sent out within 4 hours of purchase.Please note that this is not to be considered a stand alone webinar – it builds on the comprehensive information presented in the 2 part webinar What About Peds? Best Practice for Coding, Billing and Documentation, which is still available as a replay.


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