Your First Employee Packet!

When you are ready to hire your first employee, do it right! And no need to reinvent the wheel.
This packet, all downloadable, editable and attorney reviewed contains the following, along with the reasoning of why it is important to have this in place,
(1) Application form – necessary so you can show that you are an Equal Opportunity Employer and to keep a record of the applicant in the event that you turn them down for the job and they cry “foul” as in you discriminated etc.
(2) Probationary Performance Review form – helps you to evaluate the new hire, gives you the documentation to keep them on, terminate, promote, give a raise etc.
(3) Employment agreement – legally binding document between you and the new hire – an offer letter is really just an invitation!
(4)  Condensed Employee Handbook – contains the basic rules and regulations that you can modify according to your needs – if you have nothing, new hires are forced to make it up as they go!
(5) Request for reference letter form – Highly recommended so you have a record and verified references on file
(6) Satisfaction Survey for Clients – Once you hire someone, you need to be able to get real-time feedback on them, how they are with your clients etc.  Very helpful if you need to terminate, or promote, give a raise to etc.  You need to rely on other input not just your opinion.
(7) Feedback form for the “boss” – Very helpful for new hires to have a way to give you feedback about you- your style as a boss, what is helpful, what is not, how you are perceived etc.  It helps to solidify two way communication in any practice.


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