Cancel Culture Strikes Home – I Got Booted from 2 Facebook Groups!

For those familiar with Groucho Marx’ famous line “I don’t want to belong to any club that would accept me as one of its members”, in my case the opposite has happened. I got booted out of 2 therapy Facebook groups within the last 2 years, groups I enjoyed being a member of.  Why go […]

NYS Practice Owners – Your Practice May Be Eligible for a Tax Credit

New York State has announced a new refundable tax relief program for small businesses that target COVID-19-related expenses. The funds will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis until depleted. The COVID-19 Capital Costs Tax Credit Program is open to small independently owned businesses in New York State that have 100 employees or less, have […]

My Interview on Social Entrepreneurship – Published by IOS Press May 2022

Thank you Tomeico Faison for selecting me to be interviewed on a topic near and dear to us both. The full interview, published by IOS is reprinted here. Tell us about how your business and how you got started in social entrepreneurship? My consulting business and segue way to social entrepreneurship started the same day, […]

Help Wanted: Help With Student Loans Given

During my recent webinar on Coping Strategies to Overcome the Shortage of Therapists Looking for Work – Hiring, Recruitment, Retention and Engagement, one of the ideas discussed was offering assistance with helping to pay off student loans. The NYTimes recently had a great article by Ann Carrns discussing this. Here is a replay: Employers see […]

THE NEW OLD AGE The Pandemic Has Made Many Seniors Less Active

Great article from the NYTimes – very relevant for all therapists who work with seniors. Health experts are concerned that the pandemic, in upending daily routines, has reduced mobility and physical conditioning in older adults.  Reprinted from the NYTimes 2/5/2022 Paula Span In normal times, Cindy Myers, an executive at a nonprofit organization, is “not […]

You’re Going to Work a Long Time. Here’s How to Build in Breaks.

Living longer can mean having a longer career, whether by choice or necessity. Stopping and starting isn’t easy, but it might be worth it. Reprinted from the NYTimes by Ron Lieber December 11 2021 You’re probably going to need to work longer than you imagined when you were first starting out. After all, you might live […]

Cognitive Rehab: One Patient’s Painstaking Path Through Long Covid Therapy

Reprinted  from the NYTimes December 3rd 2021 – Written by  Pam Belluck who is a health and science writer whose honors include sharing a Pulitzer Prize and winning the Nellie Bly Award for Best Front Page Story. She is the author of Island Practice, a book about an unusual doctor. @PamBelluck There is sobering evidence […]