NOW IS THE TIME TO GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR REPRESENTATIVES – THIS IS LONG OVERDUE!!!!! Assembly Bill A3202 – A3202 (ACTIVE) – DETAILS Current Committee: Assembly Higher Education Law Section: Education Law Laws Affected: Amd §7901, Ed L; amd §5102, Ins L Versions Introduced in Other Legislative Sessions: 2017-2018: A10996 2019-2020: A1179, A8889 A3202 (ACTIVE) – SUMMARY […]

Therapists in the State of Washington – New Update on telehealth Law for 1/1/2021

Update on telemedicine bill: Beginning January 1, 2021 health care professionals, excluding physicians, offering telemedicine services to patients are required to complete telemedicine training. Below is a policy statement filed by the Department of Health with additional information related to this requirement. https://content.govdelivery.com/attachments/WADOH/2020/12/17/file_attachments/1628705/2101137telemedicinetrainingrequirementsallproviderspolicystatementfinal.pdf

AOTF Scholarship Fund in Honor of NYC OT Gerry Balasta has been set up

As some of you have already heard, my longtime colleague Gerry Balasta, fellow NYC Occupational Therapist died of COVID 19 on April 18th 2020. I had known and worked with Gerry for over 20 years; he was just embarking on his latest entrepreneurial venture, Wonderful Beginnings, an EI and early childhood center that he was […]

Code 99072 – Will It Enter the Mainstream for Billing?? The NYTimes Weighs In.

Reprinted from the NY Times.  November 8 2020 A New Item on Your Medical Bill: The ‘Covid’ Fee A surprise charge that can take advantage of vulnerable people and possibly violate consumer protection laws. The New York Times is investigating the costs associated with testing and treatment for the coronavirus and how the pandemic is […]

Listen Up Because I Finally Have a Podcast!!!

WHY NOW Sixteen years ago, when printed material was the norm,  I was the business columnist for Merion Publications, publisher of the OT Advance. 76 columns and 10 years later ,my Taking Care of Business column ran its course, a victim of the demise of print media. Most of the messages, content and material remain foundational and timeless. […]

Did Your Doctor Disappear Without a Word? A Noncompete Clause Could Be the Reason

Reprinted from the NY Times March 15th 2019 – When Don Cue developed a bladder infection last fall, he called his longtime urologist’s office for a urine culture and antibiotics. It was a familiar routine for the two-time prostate cancer survivor; infections were not uncommon since he began using a catheter that connects to his […]