Answers Answers to Your Questions on When to Start Collecting Social Security – Answers to Your Questions on When to Start Collecting Social Securityto Your Questions on When to Start Collecting Social Security

Reprinted from the NYTimes September 3rd 2021 By Susan B. Garland Few retirement issues are as complex and controversial as Social Security and the strategies people can use to maximize their benefits. So we were not surprised that an article The New York Times published in June on how women can make the most of Social Security […]

The Intersection of the 20th Anniversary of 9-11, COVID-19 and Therapists Today

We all have watershed moments in life. Turning points, and exact moments that change the direction of an activity or situation and usually the direction of one’s life. Typically considered momentous, though often recognized only in hindsight. The longer you live, the more watershed moments you experience and integrate into the landscape of your life. […]

State-By-State Requirements For Professional Entities In All 50 States

When starting out, one of the first questions many therapists ask is what the proper legal set up is for their practice.  Every therapist in every state has the option of either being an unincorporated entity (such as a DBA – doing business as) or an incorporated entity ie PC. PLLC.  Here is a state […]

What to Look For in a Physical Therapist? Reprinted from the NYTImes July 6 2021

Written by Dana Smith, this is a ‘gift” for any therapy practice looking for easy marketing. Show them why you check off all the boxes. Not all P.T.s are created equal. Find a professional who values evidence over anecdote. There’s been a quiet revolution taking place in the field of physical therapy. In the early […]

What Can Every Therapist in Private Practice Learn from Snoop Dogg?? ALOT

Reprinted the NYTimes,  this interview by David Gelles, with Snoop Dogg is a great blue print for how to surround yourself with the best mentors, diversify your revenue stream, and build your brand without diluting yourself, your core values and beliefs. FIND MENTORS and ADD A LITTLE MORE SPICE – Role models can come from […]

How Some Exercise Aids the Brain – Reprinted from the NYTimes 7/20/2021

By Gretchen Reynolds Older men and women who walked for six months showed improvements in white matter and memory, while those who danced or did stretching exercises did not. Exercise can freshen and renovate the white matter in our brains, potentially improving our ability to think and remember as we age, according to a new study […]

In Case You Need a Review of HIPAA, and What it Actually Covers Due to Its Frequently Being Misunderstood When it Comes to COVID Vaccines, Employment and Questions/ Policies in Your Practice

Reprinted from the NYTimes – by Aishvarya Kavi  July 24th How the HIPAA Law Works and Why People Get It Wrong The measure prohibits health professionals from revealing your medical records, but it is perfectly legal to ask whether someone has been vaccinated.As September beckons people back to the office and the highly infectious Delta […]