Older Americans make a New Start in a Business of Their Own

by Kerry Nannon Reprinted from the NYTimes Friday November 27 2020 In April, Dave Summers lost his job as director of digital media productions at the American Management Association, a casualty of layoffs brought on by the pandemic. Mr. Summers, 60, swiftly launched his own business as a digital media producer, coach and animator who creates podcasts, […]

Therapists Over 50??? We Have a Facebook Group Just For You!

This Facebook group, started by Iris Kimberg, MS PT OTR, (65 years young) is dedicated to PTs OTs and STs over the age of 50 in order to share insight, information, challenges and rewards of being in the industry for an extended period of time. My hope to is develop strategies to share with therapists […]

After a Broken Bone, the Risk of a Second Fracture

Here’s another great NY Times article that makes marketing your services easier. Written by good old Jane Brody, November 2020 Far too few patients are referred for treatment that could stave off another costly, debilitating and sometimes deadly fracture. Older adults who break a bone face a serious yet potentially preventable risk of breaking another, […]

Physical Therapy Has Benefits for Back Pain

The NY Times is often a great source for articles that makes marketing easier.  Here’s one from  Nicholas Bakalar from October 2020. People with back pain are often referred for physical therapy, though studies on its effectiveness have been mixed. A randomized trial suggests that, despite some limitations, physical therapy may have real benefits. Researchers […]

Nana May Not Be the Right Person to Ask for Career Advice

I always tell therapists to choose the people they consult with carefully and that not all consultants are created equally.  Here is a great read from the NYTimes that speaks to this. Written by Adam Grant When we turn to others for advice on major career decisions, they sometimes steer us in the wrong direction. […]

Get Your OT Practice Listed on FindanOccupationalTherapist.com

Unlike the APTA and ASHA, the AOTA does not have a directory for Occupational Therapists in private practice.  Given the importance of interacting and holding yourself out to the public and consumers, along with Practice Perfect, Iris has helped to create a directory for OTs across the country in private practice. Its free and a […]

AOTF Scholarship Fund in Honor of NYC OT Gerry Balasta has been set up

As some of you have already heard, my longtime colleague Gerry Balasta, fellow NYC Occupational Therapist died of COVID 19 on April 18th 2020. I had known and worked with Gerry for over 20 years; he was just embarking on his latest entrepreneurial venture, Wonderful Beginnings, an EI and early childhood center that he was […]

No One Really Knows What is Going to Happen, And How to Move Forward From That

No one can predict the future, and as Thomas Hobbes once wrote, the best prophet is the best guesser. As is customary and normal in times of upheaval, therapists, like everyone else, have been seeking assurances  and some degree of “pandemic positivity”.  My perspective comes from many vantage points: 1)  My experience living through 9-11  […]