NYC Hand Therapy Practice for Sale


After 35 years a highly regarded and well known hand therapist in NYC is relocating.

The practice is structured as a sole proprietorship, and grossed just over $80,000 in 2019, with 1586 productive sessions provided to approximately 115 patients. There are always new patients referred each month, fluctuating from 4 to 15 new patients monthly. The practice currently is in network with Cigna, BC BS, Oxford and Medicare. Payor mix is approximately Medicare.  10%, Worker’s comp/ No fault. 1%,In network.  70%,  Out of network. 5% ,       Private pay     14%

The practice owner ( CHT/OTR)  has well established and long term relationships with many of the hand surgeons in NYC, is very highly regarded among colleagues and adored by patients. The practice sees a variety of patients with hand and upper extremity injuries including traumatic multi-tissue injuries, tendon repairs, fractures, arthritis, repetitive strain, nerve compression, tendinopathies, among others. They provide custom-fabricated static and dynamic splints/orthotics, along with pre-fab splints.  The practice is housed in a live/work loft in Manhattan so the brick and mortar is not included. The practice owner would be willing to stay on for a reasonable transition period and would definitely consider a part time ongoing employment agreement.
Terms of sale – This would be structured as an asset sale, with an ask price of $50,000, with terms available if 50% is paid upon closing.
For additional information, please email Iris at  on behalf of the practice owner.

Southern California Hand Therapy Practice for Sale


Well Established and Highly Regarded Hand Therapy Practice for Sale in Southern California
This  is a very well established and highly regarded private outpatient hand therapy clinic in San Diego County. The practice sees a variety of patients with hand and upper extremity injuries including traumatic multi-tissue injuries, tendon repairs, fractures, arthritis, repetitive strain, nerve compression, tendinopathies, among others. They provide custom-fabricated static and dynamic splints/orthotics, along with pre-fab splints.

The practice enjoys an excellent and long standing  reputation among referral sources and patients and has active insurance contracts with  Medicare, TriCare, V.A., Workers Compensation and other  major carriers.  The practice enjoys  a large number of referral sources from throughout San Diego County.  Referral sources include Hand Surgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons, Internal Medicine, Rheumatologists, Neurologists, Occupational Medicine, Nurse Case Managers, Chiropractors, and Attorneys.

Facilities and Location
The practice  is located in an affluent area close to a major medical center with dining, shopping, outdoor recreation and beautiful hiking opportunities abound. The office itself is 1100 sq. ft, which includes a front lobby, reception area, 2 wheelchair accessible bathrooms, a large, open treatment area, and 2 private treatment/exam rooms.  Fully furnished, and fully equipped with evaluation, treatment, splinting and wound care equipment and supplies, including Fluidotherapy, BTE SimII Work Simulator. There is free parking, including disabled parking, stair and elevator access to the suite.  The office offers bright, natural lighting from large wall of windows, with unobstructed, beautiful view of the foothills. The practice owner owns the office space and will offer the new owner a favorable and long term lease. Current rent is  $3,000/month.

Financial Overview , Practice Statistics and Staffing
The practice sees, on average, between 40-60 treatments per 4-day work week, and gets an average of 20 new patients per month.  The practice can easily be ramped up to 5-6 days per week, and there is enough space for 2-3 therapists to work simultaneously. By choice, the practice owner is the primary hand therapist, utilizes per-diem assistance as needed.  In addition, there is one part-time (approx. 30 hours/week) office manager, who assists with reception, scheduling, billing and collecting.  Gross revenues have averaged $212,000 per year for the last 3 years.  Accounts receivable is approximately 5%, and there is no outstanding debt.

Growth Opportunities
By choice, the practice is currently part-time, and has not been engaged in any marketing or social media presence.  Therefore, the potential to increase patient referrals and revenue with a new owner is significant. It is projected that the practice could easily triple the referrals that it currently sees.  The treatment space is large enough to accommodate several therapists with full case loads.  Practice hours/days can be increased, to include evenings and weekends, to accommodate an even greater number of referrals.  Inland Hand Therapy is the only private hand therapy clinic in the area, and competition from physical therapy practices, who offer hand therapy services, is light.
Offering Terms – The ask price is $145,000. The practice owner is open to flexible terms if there is a minimum down payment of 50% upon closing, with the remaining 50% paid in full within 24 months. The owner is committed to a successful transition and would stay on as needed for up to 4 month after purchase to assist with any clinical/professional duties

For more information please email Iris Kimberg MS PT OTR on behalf of the practice owner.

Listen Up Because I Finally Have a Podcast!!!


WHY NOW Sixteen years ago, when printed material was the norm,  I was the business columnist for Merion Publications, publisher of the OT Advance. 76 columns and 10 years later ,my Taking Care of Business column ran its course, a victim of the demise of print media. Most of the messages, content and material remain foundational and timeless. And after 40 years in the field, I have a good idea of what matter most…

Mark Bittman, a famed NY Times food columnist wrote that sooner or later,a column becomes a body of work. The columns documented  the history not only of my personal development in the  business end of therapy, but trends in healthcare that have ramifications for all  therapists. Updating the material for podcasts is very exciting. My first column appeared in 2004, when associating healthcare delivery by private practitioners and being a financial successful businessperson was still “taboo”. It took time for the column to find its true identity,  and I assume the same will be true of the podcasts.
The three continual elements of the columns will also be emphasized in the podcasts:
(1) There are cyclical trends that therapists need to acknowledge, understand, and anticipate what their impact will be.
(2) Pro-active planning and problem solving is essential to capitalize on these trends and make informed and strategic business decisions.
(3) Making sure of the direction you are headed is more important than the time it takes you to get there

The style of the podcasts is part of the message- in order to succeed, I want them to be short, concise and give actionable implantable ideas that listeners can  relate to and act on.  To transition to podcasts, I will often be collaborating with a colleague, Tomeico Faison, OTR/L. Tomeico and I have known each other for over 10 years; she originally sought my advice about her company and has gone on to grow and expand, not only as a practice owner, but as a business consultant/coach in her own right. I am committed to bolstering the business acumen of the next generation of stakeholders in the field.
Stay tuned for our first podcast together: White from the North, Black from the South- Professional Race Relations.

Episode One: Intro to The Podcasts, A Productive Distraction –Because there are so many therapist podcasts out there, I was hesitant to throw my hat into the podcasting ring so late in the game. Until I realized what a great vehicle it is to share information, something I have been committed to doing in the therapy community for the last 20 years. So this year for Mother’s Day, my daughter and son in law got me a microphone and a promise of one year of editing… sometimes I know they wish I went for the usual massage…

Episode Two: The Best Prophet is the Best Guesser – What Will Happen To Private Practices Post COVID 19 On this podcast, I share some thoughts on the first question most therapists have asked me in the last 90 days since COVID 19 entered our vocabularies and soon after, our day to day lives.   What do I think will happen to private practices??  While no one really knows what is going to happen, there are ways we can move forward from where we are.  I impart useful and practical information, demonstrate “pandemic positivity” and  point to one important concept: The post COVID future does not exist yet and will only exist after we create it.

Episode Three: The “Mother” of Invention – The Story of Barbara, Becca,and UnbuckleMe On this podcast, I have the great pleasure of talking  with  OT Barbara Heilman and her daughter Becca Davison, the creators of UnbuckleMe,  a patented, award-winning tool that makes it more than 50% easier to unbuckle a child’s car seat. This podcast will take you on their journey which includes a feature on ABC’s Shark Tank this past May that resulted in a deal with not one, but two, sharks!

In addition, starting with Episode #4, I will be start each podcast by sharing any relevant NYTimes articles that pertains to the intersection of business and health. Another 40 is the number of years I have read the NYTimes. It has given me such useful, thought provoking information over the years. i know many therapists I consult with are not from the NYC area and may not have ready access to the Times so I am looking forward to sharing relevant articles and stories.



This well established and very highly regarded practice is ideally situated in Douglas County, Colorado. Over time, the practice  has developed and earned an excellent reputation for involvement and support of  all ages, offering a hybrid of  community based and in office treatment. They have a big presence  in sports, recreation, and wellness activities for school age athletes in  all sports  while also offering innovative programs  for the area’s many active seniors. The office sees a majority of direct access patients  with a strong track record of return business, word of mouth referrals and longstanding referral sources. The practice is credentialed and participates with well over ten insurance carriers,  The practice sees a variety of patients, typically ages 9 to 65 treating a wide variety of conditions including overuse and sports injuries, spinal dysfunction, and post-surgical cases. Treatment includes  Massage Therapy, Dry Needling, Pilates, Manual Therapy/ Soft Tissue Mobilization, Laser and Infrared Therapy, Custom Orthotics and Foot Evaluations, Core Stabilization, Alignment Training, Running Gait Analysis, Functional and Return to Sport Training.  Post COVID, the practice is coming back very strong. In addition, during the closure, telehealth visits provided continuous care and contact with patients.

FACILITIES    Unique to this practice, there is a  longstanding satellite office within a  gym, as well as a centrally located, 1500 plus square foot office in a modern  ADA compliant, bright space with numerous windows and an all season patio. The  office includes an open gym area with 3 private treatment rooms and 5 treatment tables. It is fully equipped with exercise equipment, treadmill, bike, Pilates reformer and chair, balance tools, balls, US/ES, cold laser and all in good to excellent condition. There is free ample parking including handicapped parking. The office is located within walking distance from center of town. The lease is reasonable and transferable. The office has been computerized since its initiation with longstanding EMR and  electronic billing.

PRACTICE STATISTICS  The practice consistently grosses over $400,00. The practice averages approximately 550 +visits/month, and 128 productive visits per week . They typically  add over 48 new patients monthly, with most seen 1 to 2 times per week, Average length of care is 6-8 weeks. Full practice statistics and financials are available for review.

STAFF  Although there have been some fluctuations in staffing due to COVID and  re locations, there is one full time therapist in addition to the owner, and part time administrative  staff, all eager to stay on under new ownership.

TERMS   Ask price is $250,000 with reasonable terms considered. Full financial and practice analytics are available to serious and qualified buyers. The practice owner is  open to flexible terms if there is a minimum down payment of  50% upon closing, with the remaining 50% paid in full within 24 months. The owner is committed to a successful transition and  would stay on as needed for up to 6 months.

Serious inquiries only, please email Iris Kimberg MS PT OTR on behalf of the owner.

A Well-Known Practitioner Owned Early Intervention & Autism Service Provider with a National Presence is Seeking Acquisitions Throughout the U.S.

  • Founded in mid 1990’s
  • National Presence
  • 100% Practitioner Owned
  • Annual Revenues in Excess of $60 Million 
  • Industry Leader & Innovator
  • Strong & Diverse Management Team
  • Leading Edge Technology Infrastructure
  • Committed to Staying 100% Practitioner Owned
  • Will Work with Sellers to Create Flexible Deal Structures

If you would like to explore an exit strategy that involves being acquired, or arrange a mutually beneficial partnership, this agency would like to hear from you. They are seeking practitioner owned practices and agencies with shared values to provide top notch services — and are committed to retaining all existing staff.

Serious inquiries only  – Please email Iris Kimberg, MS PT OTR on behalf of the agency and I will pass along your inquiry. All inquiries will be kept in confidence.

NYS Early Intervention Agencies – Now May Be the Ideal Time to Discuss Consolidations

A  long established, and highly regarded reputable Early Childhood Special Needs Program with over 20 years experience is seeking to partner with, or acquire other Early Intervention programs in New York State. The company has a strong track record of positive results with children in the Great New York Area  and has partnered with several other programs successfully. A mutually beneficial partnership would allow both programs to serve more children, increase market share, and help all entities gain in economies of scale and profitability. In these unprecedented times, its a good idea to explore your options. This program has fully established online systems allowing Telehealth as well as virtual operations for all administrative staff.

Any inquiries will be held in strict confidence.
For further information, please email Iris Kimberg  MS PT OTR on behalf of the agency owner at

PRACTICE for SALE! This is a fantastic opportunity to purchase a specialty Lymphedema location in Western North Carolina!

This practice is currently owned by an occupational therapist but is also suitable for a physical therapist. It is  a specialty clinic committed to  improving the function of those affected by lymphedema by managing the  disease through Complete Decongestive Therapy for treatment of patients with lymphatic system disorders. It  also has a spa component for massage and  an esthetician cash-based component. It currently has active contracts with Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and United Healthcare, and receives referrals from many local physicians and hospitals. The owner is selling due to relocating to another state.  Although the center is currently owned by an OT, it is also suitable for a PT who has interest in this niche market and would also make an ideal second specialty location for an existing practice in the area. The practice sees an average of 9 new patients per month, an average total of 173 appointments per month. The practice is rebounding nicely post COVID.
The clinic is located in an extremely desirable, high growth area of Western North Carolina and has a transferrable and renewable lease at a very reasonable rent  with  over 1800 square feet of finished space. The ambiance of the office space is very well-suited to the practice.   The office is ADA compliant and a full copy of the lease is available for inspection. It is a fully equipped spacious office in the midst of a highly concentrated medical area. The clinic includes s a waiting room with patient restroom, front office space with room for 2 receptionists/administrators, 3 treatment rooms, a separate massage room with separate patient restroom, a designated employee restroom and designated laundry space with washer/dryer, an employee break room and  an upstairs workspace with  a private restroom. There are  designated parking spots for patients in the parking lot.
Additional Information and Opportunities –
Current staff is eager to stay on
. In addition to the  OTR owner, there is one  part time OTR,  two COTAs – one part time and one fulltime,  a  full-time office administrator, and a  part-time front desk receptionist. All existing staff are eager and willing to stay on with a new owner.  Recent new contract massage therapists are due to start in the very near future. Although all staff are experienced in lymphedema therapy, the practice can also incorporate traditional patients for occupational and/or physical therapy. The spa component of the practice, with a massage therapy and esthetician cash-based component has enormous opportunities as a secondary revenue stream for the practice.
Ask price is $145,000 with reasonable terms considered. Full financial and practice analytics are available to serious and qualified buyers. The practice owner is  open to flexible terms if there is a minimum down payment of  50% upon closing,  with the remaining 50% paid in full within 24 months. The owner is committed to a successful transition and  would stay on as needed for up to 4 month after purchase to assist with any clinical/professional duties as needed.
Serious inquiries only, please email Iris Kimberg MS PT OTR on behalf of the owner.

Physical Therapy and Office Equipment For Sale in Manhattan – Pick up by June 15th

Due to the relocation of a Physical therapy practice in Manhattan, there is a wide array of physical therapy  and office equipment available for sale.

Equipment includes Ultrasound/Stim with cart, cold pacs, electrical hot packs, upright cable column, leg press, upright bike, treadmill, leg curl, wobble, boards, BAPS board and weights,  Adjustable Slant boards, various dumb bells and cuff weights, medicine balls, exercise mats, body blade, TP massage rollers. mini trampoline, foam rollers, physio balls, iontophoresis units, various treatment tables, pneumatic rolling stools, spine skeleton, foot  and upper extremity model, mobilization belts, yoga belts, over the door pulleys, racks/storage shelves, athletic tape, treatment towels
Office equipment – Laptops, desktops, refrigerator/freezer, washer/dryer, microwave, storage lockers, wall mounted TV, office chairs,

For questions, please email  the practice owner directly –

Equipment must be picked up by June 15th and payment can be made by Venmo or Credit card. East 57 Street Location – owner will help make arrangements for pickup.

May 14 2020 Immediate Job Opening for a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist in Lower Manhattan

Body Harmony Physical Therapy is a boutique physical therapy practice located in the downtown NYC area, specializing in Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation and Orthopedic Rehabilitation. We currently have an opening for a pelvic health physical therapist to join our team.

Our staff includes therapists with 10 plus years of experience in the pelvic rehabilitation world. We use a whole body approach, including wellness services, to improve the quality of life of our patients. You will have the opportunity to work and train with these therapists in 1 on 1 sessions and through in-services.We are looking for an experienced professional, who would be able to cope with the dynamic environment of a company in growth mode; and works independently & proactively with ease.

Body Harmony PT is committed to following all safety precautions for staff and patients. We are following CDC, APTA, and OSHA guidelines to ensure the health and safety of all our staff and patients. Staff will be provided with N95 masks, gloves, hair covering, and shoe covering. We are currently working in person and using tele-health when possible.

Job requirements include:

1) Experience in internal pelvic assessment and treatment
2) Strong manual orthopedic skills
3) CEU’s in internal pelvic assessment and treatment
4) Compensation package includes salary plus benefits.

Please email (  a cover letter  to  Nazneen Vasi, PT, DPT, PRPC, founder and director outlining your interest for this position and your resume, if you believe that we are a good fit for your personal and professional development.

We look forward to hearing from you!

AOTF Scholarship Fund in Honor of NYC OT Gerry Balasta has been set up

As s
ome of you have already heard, my longtime colleague Gerry Balasta, fellow NYC Occupational Therapist died of COVID 19 on April 18th 2020. I had known and worked with Gerry for over 20 years; he was just embarking on his latest entrepreneurial venture, Wonderful Beginnings, an EI and early childhood center that he was opening with Lea, his beloved wife, a physician.  I can think of no better way to honor him than with this scholarship.
Gerry loved life, his Queens community, his chosen field of Occupational Therapy and was proud of his Filipino roots. He had many stories to tell about people and used his OT background, and innate people skills in film making. After taking courses in film production at NYU, he went on to create, direct and produce his first film in 2010,THE MOUNTAIN THIEF which told the story of the people of Patayas, one of the Philippines’ largest dumpsite towns. Gerry masterfully told the story of the people of the town who  live off the mountains of trash in dumpsite towns but manage to retain their dignity and thankfulness for life,. The film had a hugely successful film festival run,won the Special Jury Prize at the  San Francisco International Asian-American Film Festival, The Prix Du Public (Audience Award) at CCIFF, France and the George C. Lin Emerging Filmmaker Award in Washington DC. In 2012, he founded The Mount Hope Project Inc., a charitable organization with the mission of using films and the arts to make a direct impact on lives. He also founded The Mount Hope Initiative in the Philippines where the children and the actors of his workshop in the dump site town had medical care and are now going to school, to give them options outside of scavenging for trash.  He recently sold a pediatric entity in NY to his partners, so that he could embark on another clinic.
The American Occupational Therapy Foundation (AOTF) is a 501(c)(3) charitable, scientific and educational organization founded in 1965. It serves the public interest by supporting occupational therapy research and increasing public understanding of the important relationship between everyday activities (occupations) and health.  It accomplishes its aims primarily through grants and scholarships, through programs, and through publications.  The money raised for the Gerry Balasta Scholarship Fund will be used exclusively for prospective Occupational Therapy Students applying to any of the  accredited Occupational Therapy programs In NYS in 2021.
I know that these are trying times financially for many practice owners and their families, and any donation,no matter the amount will help to honor the legacy of this great therapist. Thank you in advance, and please feel free to email me directly if you have any questions. All donations are tax deductible.