Generation X, Your AARP Card Awaits – Reprinted from the NYTimes 4/29 Alex Williams

For those therapists who have attended my webinars or listened to my podcasts, you know I often talk about trends and how they will ultimately impact your practice.  This articles points out an important trend that could/should help shape the future of your practice!!!  Here’s one quote from it – People today, they could spend […]

How to Age in Place? Plan Ahead

Reprinted from the NYTimes by Paula Span. From 2017 – but POST COVID,with many more therapists now offering aging in place, it is very timely so I wanted to share. “All the carpets are coming up, so they won’t be a trip hazard,” said Ernie MacNeill, walking through the split-level house in Fair Lawn, N.J., […]

Strong Results for a Short Workout – Reprinted from the NYTImes 1/19/2021

Great article for therapists  if you want good info for marketing your wellness/ gym program. By Gretchen Reynolds Five minutes of burpees, jump squats and other calisthenics significantly improve aerobic endurance, according to one of the first randomized, controlled trials to test the effects of brief body-weight workouts. The study’s findings are predictable but reassuring, […]

Turning Away from Nursing Homes, to What? Reprinted from the NYTimes 4/4/2021

Lots of great information for those therapists who are marketing their “aging in place” practice/ work in home modifications. By Mark Miller Regina Smith has dedicated her career to keeping seniors out of nursing homes. A geriatric social worker at an adult day care network in Indianapolis, she strives to provide services that can help […]

Pandemic Lessons in Improving Health Care – Reprinted from the NY Times 2/9/2021

Every therapist can learn a thing or two about pivoting in their practice. By Jane Brody If there is a silver lining to the devastation wrought by the coronavirus pandemic, it likely lies in the glaring inadequacies and inefficiencies it exposed that are inherent in traditional American medicine. At the same time, it suggests ways […]

Not Your Parent’s Total Hip Replacement – Reprinted from the NYTImes 1/19/2021

Therapists who work with THRs – this is good marketing material! By Jane Brody If I’ve learned anything during nearly six decades of reporting on medical science, it’s that the longer you wait, the better the methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment are likely to become. That’s true for almost every field of medicine — […]