Episode Twelve – Academic and Social Entrepreneurship – Can You Make the Whole World Your Client?

As therapists, we know the impact we have when we typically work one on one with clients. Nobly, over the course of a lifetime you can impact hundreds if not thousands of individuals.

But sometimes you want to do even more, and have a further, wider and deeper reach.

Academic and social entrepreneurship gives you that option, and today it is more important than ever.  Tomeico Faison and I tackle this in the podcast and both of us have immersed ourselves in this niche of entrepreneurship from different vantage points. Healthcare in this country is a trillion dollar industry regardless of whether you participate in it from the private or public sector. We are both deeply committed to the notion that the academic therapy program owes it to their students to introduce and support a student’s business acumen, and their foundation to be a conscientious global citizen in addition to advancing their clinical skills.

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